Application Virtualization

Users don’t need desktops, servers, databases or storage. They want access to their applications and the ability to manipulate their data. It makes perfect sense to use software as a service (SAAS) applications, but companies have nearly 30 years of legacy Windows applications to deal with!

We offer application virtualization solutions that will take the application layer off your desktops, allowing them to work on any device anywhere. Based on your needs, we will design a solution that allows your users to access applications online or offline.

We can take your applications and host them in our data centres, enabling you to access your legacy applications in an SAAS model.


  • Installed, patched and upgraded in a centralized environment
  • Less-complicated licensing; IT can easily report on who is using what

Remote apps and server-based computing

  • Connections to applications running in a data centre

Client-based app virtualization

  • Virtualized applications on a local desktop or server
  • Run multiple versions of the same application on the same desktop
  • Applications interact as little or as much as you allow them to

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