Digital Workplace

Today’s workers are not tied to the office only, they want to work from anywhere and have the same tools available to them as in the office. The biggest challenge companies’ face is how to offer this without compromising your security. We offer a fully comprehensive solution that allows your users to work securely from anywhere where there is internet connection. You can use any device you like, smartphone, tablet, laptop, Mac, PC or anything else you like.

Main building blocks for the digital workplace

Virtual desktops and servers

You probably have heard this many times – virtualization is expensive, it only pays off for large enterprises. And if done in the traditional way, it is very much true. However, we offer a software defined solution based on open source technologies that can cost as much or as little as you need it to. Solution can be tailored to your needs and in some cases, you only need to pay for the hardware that you already have to pay for anyway. Methodology that we use will ensure that you can purchase as many virtual desktops as you need and no more. Virtual desktops have many advantages over physical ones:

  • They are securely stored in a data centre where no outsiders can access them
  • You can connect to them from anywhere using any device
  • Faster performance compared to traditional solution
  • Increased disaster recovery capabilities

We will also virtualize your servers on the same platform which will allow you to maximize return on investment on the hardware that you purchase.

Virtual applications

Applications is what users use every day, MS Office, line of business applications, browsers etc. are what users need to do their work. It usually takes a lot of time to upgrade to new versions, install patches and support applications. We will virtualize your applications which will allow to update or upgrade them quickly and securely in a controlled way. Your users will access applications just as they are now, but they will be a lot easier to manage.

Secure connectivity layer

Our main promise is that your users will be able to work from anywhere just as if they were in the office. We fulfil that promise by implementing a robust and secure remote access infrastructure that will encrypt traffic from the device users connect, all the way back to your data centre. We will make sure that your users use secure devices before they connect as well as authenticate them using dual-factor authentication.

Secure data access

While users use desktop and applications every day, what they truly do is access and modify data. Client data, sales data, your internal product documentation etc. Often, when visiting client sites you don’t want to access your entire desktop, you just need that presentation, or that sales report, or anything else. We will implement a secure data access solution which will allow your users to access it remotely. Your managers will approve files for remote access and only then they will become available.

BYOD (Bring your own device)

People are different, so are the devices they use. What most companies are still doing is giving their users a standard desktop/laptop that they have to use. You often see people complaining about this approach, no one likes to be force to do something. We will implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution that will allow your users to use any device they like to access their corporate desktop, applications and data. People will bring in their favourites laptops, tablets or anything else they will most productive with and we will make sure that this is all they need to do their work.

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