Server Virtualization

Virtualization through a dynamic data centre (DDC) yields major advantages. Regardless of size, any company can benefit from virtualization. We offer on- and off-premises virtualization solutions that work for any company.

Virtualization gives you the flexibility to create virtual environments, from a tiny development workplace up to a massive replicated production server farm.

AppDS provides a range of solutions for server virtualization. Our expertise in multiple server virtualization platforms (e.g. XEN, VMware and Hyper-V) gives us an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of every approach.

Solutions and Services

  • Virtual server preparation, upgrades and improvements
  • Virtual server project scope and design
  • Virtual infrastructure performance management solutions
  • Physical server migration to virtual environments
  • Leveraging server virtualization to reinforce disaster recovery
  • Backup and recovery of virtual environments

Many IT consulting firms can configure a virtualized server environment; however, without integrated storage and network virtualization, such solutions will be incomplete. AppDS can design a comprehensive infrastructure plan, working with organizations to form a custom-made DDC. We can host the infrastructure in our data centres if you prefer not to have any of your infrastructure on site.


The combined experience of our large talent pool enables us to design a strategy that meets your organization’s requirements.


AppDS consultants adapt and become a customer-focused team, working side by side with organizations to analyse, develop and implement major projects. The final result is a fully documented project that can be handed to an organization’s management or project board.


Virtualization supports best practices for disaster recovery and data protection.

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